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National Basketball Youth Mentorship Program at Centennial

National Basketball Youth Mentorship Program at Centennial

The National Basketball Youth Mentorship Program offers workshops in various cities across Canada to youth under the age of 19. These workshops feature NBYMP mentors (high level professional and/or university athletes) and allow mentees to meet their mentors face-to-face. In addition to full-time professional coaching on the court (skill development), these workshops also include seminars pertaining to financial development, nutritional advising, mental performance, athletic development, yoga session(s), and much more. The goal is to provide NBYMP mentees with the resources and tools needed to be successful both on and off the court. You will not regret attending this 2-day workshop!

*A percentage of proceeds earned from this workshop goes towards university/college grants for NBYMP mentees entering university or college*

Dates: July 28th - July 29th

Times: 10am - 6pm (both days)

Location: Centennial College - Progress Campus (Scarborough, ON)