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Centennial College Athletics and Recreation added the service offering of Wellness to students for this upcoming year. Wellness is in reference to one's positive and holistic well-being.

What Is Wellness

What is wellness and what can it do for me?

Wellness/Well-being refers to a positive, holistic state of mind and body, embracing the intellectual, physical, mental, environmental, emotional and spiritual self. Student well-being is the overall synergistic effect between these different layers of a student’s identity - working together to achieve both academic success, as well as success outside the walls of the institute.

Leave the Pack Behind:

LTPB is  governmend-funded student-led health promotion program that aims to help students aged 18-19 quit smoking. Through peer-led groups, students can participate in various tobacco cessation campaigns and contests throughout the semester and can even win up to $2,500 for quitting smoking altogether. Furthermore, students can register at to acquire free nicotine replacement therapies including nicotine patches and gum. 

Humanity First:  

Humanity First is Centennial's official food bank program. Centennial students can access temporary food support delivered right to their place of residence by registering online at

Drink Smart:

Drink Smart aims to promote safe drinking behaviors. We are not opposed to the consumption of alcohol, rather, we wish to educate students on the effects of binge drinking and its consequences. Drink Smart aims to promote alcohol harm reduction techniques through discussion and social media.