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Rookie of the Year


2008-2009          ROY      Mike     Zanidean Men's Basketball

2011-2012          ROY      Tristan   Stern     Men's Basketball

2009-2010          ROY      Amanda Shand   Women's Soccer

2010-2011          ROY      Alyssa   Cullen   Women's Soccer

2012-2013          ROY      Mark  Tarazhi  Men's Soccer

2013-2014          ROY      Mark  Tarazhi  Men's Soccer

2014-2015          FROY    Sweet Cunanan Women’s Basketball

2014-2015          MROY   Howard Ng Badminton

2015-2016          FROY    Kadeisha Powell-Graham Women's Volleyball

2015-2016          MROY   Paul Walwyn Men's Basketball

2016-2017          FROY    Yasmeen Smith Women's Basketball

2016-2017          MROY    William Chemno Cross Country 



MROY   = Male Rookie of the Year

FROY    = Female Rookie of the Year

ROY      = Rookie of the Year