Brenton Lowe
Brenton Lowe
Title: Men's Basketball
Category: Athlete
Induction: 2015

Brenton Lowe was not a natural on the basketball court. He was cut from the first team he tried out for in grade 9. He then worked hard to develop his skills becoming a starter by grade 10. He was the first generation of his family to go on to post­ 

secondary studies. Lowe became a member of the Centennial Colts Men's Basketball Team from 1981-1984. 

In his first year he was 2nd on the team with a 13.7 ppg avg. The team finished 3rd and lost in the OCAA quarter finals. He improved on that the next year in 82-83 to a 16 ppg avg. and was 6th in scoring. That year Brenton helped Centennial win an OCAA Gold and a trip to the CCAA finals. Lowe was named OCAA 2nd team All-Star and OCAA Tournament All-Star. At Centennial he was named the MVP for Men's Basketball.  

In 83-84 Brenton was again 2nd in scoring on the team with an avg 13.6 ppg and was named OCAA 2nd team All-Star. 

The COLTS captured the OCAA Championship Gold medal and Brenton was named OCAA Tournament AII-Star. At the National Championship Lowe was named the CCAA National 

Championship MVP and led Centennial to its' only National Gold Medal to date. Subsequently Lowe was named Men's Basketball MVP and Male Athlete of the Year for Centennial